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Neighbor to Neighbor: A Texas Village is dissolving due to our inability to identify individuals and couples in Fayette County whose needs match the purpose of NTN and are also within the ability of our volunteers to provide.  We have enjoyed serving our members and wish them the best.

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275 Ellinger Rd.

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Neighbor to Neighbor:
A Texas Village
 -helping maturing adults stay active, engaged and productive in their community.

Our membership area covers Fayette County Texas, where neighbors are friends and friends are family.
 According to a recent study, which AARP endorses, nearly all older adults would like to stay in their own homes as they age.  The preference of the majority of older adults to continue to live in familiar environments is captured in the term “aging in place,” a concept that  refers to the ability to remain in one’s residence of choice as one ages, avoiding unwanted relocation associated with age-related personal or environmental limitations. Aging in place is consistent with recent public policy initiatives to promote home- and community-based services  in order to reduce nursing home use.

There are no membership dues for Neighbor to Neighbor: A Texas Village. Income charitable donations are used to pay for the liability insurance, phone and mailing expenses, background checks of all volunteers, expenses associated with social events, and facility expenses. Our major goal is to help all members of our community Age in Place using all volunteer labor.

The services offered through the Age in Place program will help area residents avoid a crisis point where they are forced to give up living in their homes and MUST MOVE to an assisted-living facility, which can be emotionally traumatic, more costly than staying in their home, and decrease their quality of life.  See our benefits page for specific services available to members

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